2 Great Destinations In Tallahassee Florida

Traveling north up the coast of Florida, going through Tampa Bay, you will eventually reach Tallahassee. If you happen to be going down Interstate 10 from Jacksonville or Pensacola, you will also run into this city. It is a beautiful location with about 200,000 people. Here are two great destinations that you want to consider visiting if you are going to be in Tallahassee anytime soon.

What Does This City Have Do Offer?

Like most of the cities in Florida, it’s going to offer many different things. You can play golf at many locations, go on equestrian trails, or do a little bit of hiking. Unlike major cities such as Miami, you may not have large boats coming into the bay. However, it does offer quite a bit in terms of architecture and natural beauty that this city presents in a very special way.

The Maclay Gardens State Park

Of all of the Florida State parks that you can visit, this will be one that you will thoroughly enjoy. It started back in the 1920s, part of the winter home, and has gradually become a masterpiece of floral architecture. There are brick walkways that are absolutely picturesque, secret Gardens, and even a reflection pool. There are many different flowers, along with a walled garden, plus there is a location where people can do kayaking, fishing and even swimming, very popular activities during the summer months.

Tours Through Tallahassee

Guided tours are always going to be very popular. It’s one thing to walk through the city on your own, but something completely different, and preferable, when you have someone showing you around. You may not have any idea where you are in the city, or why certain structures were built, and the guides can help you out. You will be traveling along in an open golf cart in some cases, listening to the historical stories that will be told as you are on the tour. It’s a great way to be introduced to Tallahassee, finding out why it is there, and what you can do now that you are visiting.

For people that have never thought about going to Tallahassee before, it’s definitely a fun destination. It might not be geared for younger kids that are looking for amusement parks in Florida, but it will certainly appeal to adults. It has so much to offer in regard to scenery, history, and access to the Gulf of Mexico, that you should visit once or twice. These two great destinations are just the start of the many places that you will go once you are in Tallahassee.